The Best Pet Hair Resistant Bedding – Pet Friendly Blankets, Quilts/Duvets, and Sheets

Because nobody enjoys pet hair that clings to the bedding and refuses to let go

Pet Hair Problem #1: How do I make my bed dog and cat-proof?

The solution: Choose bedding, blankets, quilts and duvets that are made from pet hair resisting fabrics.

When it comes to minimising the amount of pet hair on your bed, it’s all about finding the right fabrics for the job.

Keep reading, and you’ll find all the essential information you’ll need to know about the best (and worst) fabrics to use in pet households.

Also, we’ve gathered some grooming tips that may come handy if you don’t want to find pet hair on your pillow first thing in the morning.

Let’s get started.


Best Cat And Dog Hair Resistant Bedding Options

Quick Tips! This is what you need to take into account when choosing pet hair resistant bedding:

High thread count ensures the surface is smooth and tightly woven to prevent pet hair from sticking.

The best materials are silky and smooth, so the pet hair doesn’t stick and slides right of. Good materials include microfiber, cotton, linen, satin, and silk.

Essentially, what you are looking for is a smooth and tight surface. Nothing will prevent your pet from shedding if you share a bed, but pet hair-resistant bedding makes the hair easier to remove by shaking it off or washing it.

Pet Hair Resistant Sheets | Best Sheets For Dog And Cat Hair | Best Sheets To Repel Dog And Cat Hair are:-

Wildly popular sheets with a luxurious feel and excellent price-quality ratio. These sheets will help you keep your bed clean, fresh, and free of pet hair.

These silky soft sheets have an incredibly luxurious feel to them. They will keep you comfortable in all temperatures and guarantee a good nights sleep.

There is elastic all the way around the sheet and deep pockets making sure the sheet fits perfectly and is kept in place. The material is wrinkle-, shrink-, and stain-resistant, and the colors won’t fade in use.

Because the material is silky and tightly woven, these sheets are an excellent choice for pet hair resistant bedding. Because of the high thread count, pet hair won’t stick to the surface, and the smooth surface makes sure all cat and dog hair slips right of when you shake or wash the sheets.

You can machine wash these sheets which is essential for pet owners, and of course, it’s important that you can use the dryer for removing even the last hairs as well.

These sheets will enable you to keep your bed pet hair-free, clean, and hygienic even with some furry friends sharing it with you.

best dog hair resistant bedding

Best Dog And Cat Hair Resistant Blanket:

This warm and durable cotton blanket is a favorite of pet owners because of its pet hair resisting qualities and easy maintenance. It is stylish and easy to keep clean, making it a perfect choice for pet homes.

Many blankets are made of fleece or flannel, making them a nightmare when it comes to pet hair. These materials attract hair and make it much harder to keep the blanket pet hair-free, fresh and clean.

Mattress Protector For Pet Hair And Stains

A very popular high-quality mattress protector with amazing ratings. This product will safeguard your expensive mattress from urine, vomit, pet hair, and other pet-related messes keeping it hygienic, fresh, and clean.

Just one pee or vomit accident from your pet may ruin your valuable mattress, which is why mattress protectors are highly recommended for pet owners with pets that use the bed for resting or sleep in the bed with their owner.

This products are a popular choice for high-quality mattress protectors. This waterproof yet breathable cotton mattress protector protects your bed against not only nasty fluids like urine and sweat (and the odors caused by them), but it also guards your mattress against pet hair, allergens, dust mites, and bacteria.

The surface is made of soft hypoallergenic terry cloth cotton, and it has a waterproof membrane back coating. It is noiseless and breathable to make it comfortable, and it won’t change the way your mattress feels. If you have an expensive high-quality mattress you want to protect from your pet, then this mattress protector should be what you opt for.

And it’s not just the occasional urine or vomit accident. Dust mites breed, feed on dead skin cells and defecate in beds causing allergy symptoms. A mattress can be challenging to clean, but a mattress protector will prevent the dust mites from passing through to the mattress – and it’s easily washed in the washing machine keeping your bed clean and hygienic.

mattress protector for pet hair and stains

How To Remove Pet Hair From Bedding

pet hair resistant sheets

Even though a pet hair friendly duvet cover or pet hair resistant bedding can work its magic, you might have to put in a little more extra effort in truly repelling all that pet hair.

1. Start With Your Pet – Grooming, And Brushing

A simple brush through dry or wet hair (while you’re outside) can help with extra shedding.

Since the hair that’s already been shed yet is still stuck on your dog or cat can fall off at any moment, it’s best to just take it off through brushing—as often as possible.

2. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

You can also vacuum directly on your fabric. However, especially if you have a powerful vacuum, make sure that your settings are set correctly, so it doesn’t suck up your sheets! Vacuuming works best on heavier blankets like comforters.

3. Invest In Some Lint Rollers

For one of the easiest ways to get rid of pet hair as a problem, lodged into your blankets and sheets, you can try sifting through them with a lint roller. These Scotch-Brite rollers are extra sticky and effective.

Alternatively, you could get lint rollers that don’t use sticky paper to roll the hair up. These are more cost-effective and also reusable. The newest craze is the ChomChom Roller which is 100% Reusable, Eco-Friendly and excellent at removing pet hair on all kinds of fabrics. And you don’t even need to buy refills!

4. Try Pet Hair Sponges

If you are really working on a budget (those bags of dog food don’t buy themselves, you know!), you can try pet hair sponges. They usually are cheaper than lint rollers and are pet hair magnets for those furry bed sheets. When you want to clean the sponge, all you have to do is wash the hair off and let it dry.

5. Use Rubber Gloves

If you’re willing to go out on a limb and try some other ways, you can put on a damp rubber glove and run your hand down your bedding or blankets. This will work sort of like the wet sponge.

6. Wash Your Bedding Regularly In The Washing Machine

Next, we’re going to move on to how you should wash your bedding when the washing day is around the corner.

how to remove pet hair from bedding

Washing Your Bedding To Get Rid Of Dog Hair

  1. First and foremost, remove the bedding from your bed with care—the last thing you would want is for the pet hair that was on the bedding to actually get onto the floor, in the air, and litter your bedroom.
  2. Once you’ve done that, toss it into the dryer and let it tumble for 10 minutes to get as much hair off as possible before washing it. If you’re trying to get wet clumps of dog hair off of your sheets, it will be even harder and can actually lead to clogs in your machine’s drain system.
  3. Before putting them in the washing machine, add a half-cup of white vinegar to help the fabric relax while it’s in the wash. The relaxing of fabric will help the pet hair slide off.
  4. To prevent the spread of pet hair from going to your next wash, run an empty cycle of your washer to clear everything before washing another load of laundry.